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A general overview of the Pararescue careerfield including capabilities, incentive pays, duty stations, and eligibility requirements.
Physical Ability and Stamina Test:
Detailed information about the test, eligibility requirements, and cross-training information.
Complete details on the Pararescue/CCT indoctrination course...updated as required.
Combat divers course: Information on the Special Forces Combat divers course, Key West, Florida.
Airborne: Information on the US Army Airborne course, Fort Benning, Georgia. Military Freefall:
Somewhat different from skydiving especiall with a weapon, rucksack, and oxygen strapped to your body...

The USAF Survival course which includes training in survival, evasion, resistance, and escape.
Water Survival
Information on the 4 day water survival course.
Dunker training:
Dunker training teaches you to properly exit a helicopter that has crash landed in the water.

USAF Pararescue School:
Detailed information and lots of pictures describing all phases of the school.

Advanced Freefall School:
Basic reporting instructions for this demanding 10 week course.

Dive Supervisor's Course:
Reporting instructions for the Special Forces dive supervisors course.

MFF Jumpmaster:
Reporting instructions for the SF Freefall jumpmaster course.

Dive Medical Technician:
Reporting instructions for the SF diveing medical technician course. We also go to the DMT portion of the Amphibious Reconnaisance Corpman course.

The Army SF Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape school reporting instructions.

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Careerfield Description:
Extracted from AFM 36-2108, it gives a good breakdown of specific duties and requirements for progression once you enter the careerfield.

Armed Forces of the World
Links to every major countrie's armed forces page on the outstanding Canadian Defense institute research web site.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Answers to most of the basic questions I get can be found here.

See pictures of recent training trips and past contains Java script.

Pararescue History:
Short history of Pararescue with additions taken from the Pararescue Commemerative history book as published by the Pararescue Association.

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