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Pararescue Pictures
Misawa winter training
I will post various pictures here...including ones you send in if you like. Just Email them in and I will post them here. Click on the thumbnail or link to open another window with the full size picture. This requires that your browser support Java™ and that Java™ is enabled.

Our Tent
This is where we stayed during the winter training.
Widener and Rico's place
This is were Doug Widener and Rico Sorres stayed...nice place.

Webmaster working on the cave
One thing we did was dig snowcaves...a couple of the guys dug snow mansions...
Widener in the Snow
Doug prepping for a day of training.

The search and rescue team
The team locates the survivor.
The Survivor
Justin Campbell acts as "survivor" during the cold weather medical exercise.

Treating the Survivor
Once found, the survivor is treated immediately, and removed from the environment ASAP.

Packaging the survivor
Before he can be moved...the survivor must be "packaged" for quick, secure, and beneficial movement.

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