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Pararescue Pictures
Cobra Gold 97
Here are some pictures of Cobra Gold 97 in Takhli Thailand.


Sudachai and friends enjoy some IV hydration...over 100 degrees everyday...even the Thais were hot.
Fast Rope Master

Unknown 320 STS operator during fast rope training in Thailand.

IV Training

The Thais were pretty good...if not a little hesitant at first.
Derek Docter

Pararescueman Derek Docter during IV training...he didn't volunteer his arm...

Cobra Gold 97

The entire Cobra Gold 97 medical trainees and instructors...a good group...worked with some back in 1987.

Us and the Thais prior to the big HALO and Static line jumps.

Webmaster and friend

Myself and Luc...a great Thai PJ (as were all of them).
Home sweet home

Don't believe everything you hear about the AF always stays in hotels...we stayed in un-airconditioned open bay is tough.

Other Picture Pages

Kirtland climbing training.
Misawa winter training

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