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Kirtland climbing training
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The Boys and Fisk
From Left to Right, Ron Thompson, CMSGT (Ret.) Wayne Fisk, J Thede, Mike McBee, Johnny Davis

We had the opportunity to meet Pararescue Extrodinaire Wayne Fisk...he was in town for the Graduation.
Antonio Scaling the Crack

Ish Antonio demonstrates his spider like climbing skills on the wall.

Cross Country Skiing in the Sandias

I did some cross-country skiing while in Albuquerque...great time although I was feeling the altitude (10,000ft).
The Texas Prussic

Johnny demonstrates an ascending method using the Gibbs and Prussic...although he is resting now...

Ron having some trouble

Ron demonstrates what not to do after a knot bypass...
McBee on the Wall

Mike McBee scale the wall at Kirtland during our training.

The Pararescue School

The entrance to the USAF Pararescue School, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico.

Ascending the Wall

The webmaster ascending up...

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